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Destroying records not the right answer

As a lobbyist for the Ohio News Media Association, I sometimes see things in politics that make me want to cry, but I’ve only teared up once in seven years.

That happened recently during a committee hearing of the Ohio House of Representatives in Columbus, Ohio. A young African-American man, Defonta Little, was the witness. He courageously shared a horrific story of false arrest after being misidentified as his twin brother. He spent weeks in jail. His brother’s record keeps showing up as his. He testified that he lost a warehouse job and struggles to find work. Family members wept two rows in front of me. So did many committee members. Others around me fought back tears.

I was particularly struck by the passion of the African-American legislators on the committee, Stephanie Howse and Bernadine Kennedy Kent. House Bill 64, which is pending in the Ohio Legislature, was neither surprising nor some sort of distant, policy-wonk issue to them. They knew that Little’s story was not unique, particularly in poor and minority communities. Other expert witnesses reinforced the point.

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