What's more American

than baseball and dirty politics?

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Killing the Curse

ISBN 978-0938467991

The stakes of winning are lives and the presidency …


The Chicago Cubs haven't won a World Series for more than 100 years or even played in one since 1945. Now they're positioned to win the Series for the first time since 1908--if only curses and bad luck don't haunt them as usual. That's what happens when a swarm of gnats helps the Boston Red Sox tie the Series at three games each. To kill the curse, the Cubs must win Game 7 in Chicago.

No one wants the Cubs to win more than Luke Murphy, President of the United States and lifelong fan. Leading the chorus of disbelievers is Murphy's boyhood friend, Bob Walters, a sports radio talk-show host with a beautiful daughter and a big ego who built ratings by being 'the man Cub fans love to hate.'

The Cubs have someone else on their side--a brilliant, crazed fan who will do anything to make sure they win. Anything. It starts with an attack on the father of Boston's best pitcher and grows into an escalating threat that could destroy Murphy's career, expose childhood secrets, and kill hundreds of innocent people.

Everything comes to a head as Game Seven unfolds -- a game the Cubs absolutely must win, because the stakes of winning one game have never been higher.


Season of Lies

ISBN 978-1882658930


A take-all battle against today's politics of destruction.... 

A pitcher. A president. Two men become linked by events when the stakes are highest.

The Chicago Cubs have finally won a World Series for the first time since 1908. Now they want to build a baseball dynasty. To do so, they trade for star pitcher Trey Van Ohmann. Meanwhile, the Cubs’ biggest and best-known fan, Luke Murphy, is running for re-election as President of the United States in an unpredictable, three-way race.

World events that release frightening waves of religious fervor, today’s ugly politics of destruction and powerful, unknown forces conspire against them. When Van Ohmann decides to get involved and endorse Murphy’s campaign, it could be a mistake that destroys his career, brings Murphy’s presidency down and perhaps cost him his life. The baseball season and a presidential campaign that could be ripped out of today’s headlines come to a climax in one fateful October.

In the follow-up to his award-winning novel, “Killing the Curse,” Dennis Hetzel once again combines sports, politics, thrilling action, and memorable characters in a story you won’t forget.