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Click on the image to see Dennis interviewed at WCIU-Chicago, discussing his novels.

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 A thriller that blends contemporary mystery with a UFO puzzle as fresh as today's headlines

 Azalea Bluff

A young reporter disappears after a mysterious object crashes on a high school football field. Her father feverishly searches for answers that emerge from secret research in World War II.

Said Don Bentley, author of the best-selling Matt Drake thrillers and the new author of the Jack Ryan Jr. series in the Tom Clancy universe:

"Azalea Bluff" is the rare kind of yarn that transcends genres—part science fiction, part action adventure, and all fun.  Dennis Hetzel keeps you guessing until the last, breathtaking page!

Said Jon Land, USA Today best-selling author of multiple thrillers:

"Azalea Bluff " is sci-fi thriller par excellence, packed with the kind of cover-ups and conspiracies that have come to define the genre's accessible side. Dennis Hetzel's seminal effort conjures Nazis, aliens, lost secrets and found heroes in stitching the tapestry of a tale over a doomsday landscape. Reminiscent of Ray Bradbury at his best and reading like a great episode of "The X-Files," this is science fiction writing of the highest order for fans both old and new.


"Season of Lies" is featured in "The Big Thrill" magazine of the International Thriller Writers.  Learn more about what it takes to write a thriller. Dennis is a proud  ITW member.

Burt Constable of Chicago's Daily Herald profiled Dennis and "Season of Lies."  Check it out!! And check out our review from Chicago's 'Windy City Reviews':  "...a realistic thriller… If there was ever a fiction book about shifting power and the puppet masters who do the shifting, this is it."

As a native of Chicago, cheering for the Chicago Cubs, loving baseball and obsessing about politics come naturally to Dennis Hetzel. His first novel, "Killing the Curse," written with political thriller author Rick Robinson, imagined the Cubs in a World Series with a crazed fan who will do anything to make sure they win. The president, a diehard fan, gets involved, and much more is at stake than Game 7 of the World Series. "Season of Lies," released in April 2017, takes readers to the next season. A presidential campaign that could be ripped out of today's headlines and the next baseball season come to a head in one fateful October. It's a thriller, a love story with memorable characters and a shrewd observation on today's America.

In this interview from the International Thriller Writers' 'Big Thrill' monthly magazine, Dennis reveals what drove him to write 'Season of Lies:'
"There are few authors who are doing what I am doing, which is mixing the worlds of sports and politics. (Harlan Coben is an exception who comes to mind with his similar blend of sports and detective thrillers.) I am fascinated by the parallels in these two areas, including the influence of power, money and personal charisma, and an obsession to succeed so deep that it almost guarantees character flaws that can prove to be fatal."

Season of Lies is "a true heart-stopper that refuses to let you put it down."

Andy Furman, Fox Sports Radio and the Brooklyn Eagle


Azalea Bluff "is a sci-fi thriller par excellence."

Jon Land, USA Today best-selling author of multiple thrillers 

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